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Simplifying Complex Management Infrastructures

In today's JNUC session, Andrew Seago explained how to simplify the complex using Casper Suite tools and walked through a once complex environment with dozens of locations, a fleet of Mac Mini servers, and numerous extension attributes. 

Smooth Sailing when Planning for the Casper Suite

Dave Acland took to the JNUC stage today to share his Apple device deployment strategies and insights from his experiences.

Why API? Using the REST API in an Educational Environment

Education and technology met on the JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) stage as Brad Schmidt examined how the Casper Suite's REST API can benefit education organizations.

Security Matters: Making InfoSec Your Friend

During today's JNUC session, Jennifer Unger discussed the major concerns for InfoSec and how IT admins can help alleviate these issues.  

Integrating & Automating Your Help Desk Ticketing

Ben Greiner, President of Forget Computers and Robot Cloud, believes anyone who manages a help desk should be motivated to improve the efficiently of that help desk. See how he recommends going about it. 

Solving Real Needs with the Command Line

As the 201 version to the Master Command Line Interface Basics session at last year's JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC), Matt Schalk took us past the fundamentals of the command line and showed us how to solve several common challenges.

Beyond Year 1 of a One-to-One: 500 iPads in 60 Minutes

John Wetter of Hopkins Public Schools explained to the JNUC crowd the logistics of an iPad one-to-one deployment and how students are key to its success. 

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