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[Video Case Study] The Sweet Success of a One-to-One iPad Program

As brand new users of the Casper Suite, Steve and his team like its intuitiveness and ease-of-use in their nearly 100 percent Apple environment. After a year of testing out a one-to-one iPad program with their instructors, Steve's team has recently ro

[Video] What’s with All the Certs? An Introduction to Certificates in the JSS

[Video Case Study] 17,000 is Nothing but a Number

Managing a massive Mac environment, Evan's team of six administrators is able to take it all on with the Casper Suite. While they secure their Apple devices rather tightly, they're able to utilize Self Service to keep end users happy by giving the

[Video] Managing the Unmanageable

[Video Case Study] Teaching Students Ethics and Responsibility Through the Use of Technology

At the Montclair Kimberley Academy, their technology program is not unlike many other K-12 organizations today: a one-to-one environment where students receive a personal laptop they use at school, home, and everywhere in-between. It's their managemen

[Video] Deployment Strategies for OS X Mountain Lion

[Video Case Study] Small IT Staff Managing 5,000 One-to-One Laptops

With over 5,000 one-to-one Apple devices to manage you'd think Charles and his small staff of IT administrators would be in over their heads, but they've streamlined their entire management process using the Casper Suite. Because of the Casper Sui

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