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A Commitment to Culture and a Thriving Community Arts Center

On Wednesday, March 13, JAMF Software announced its partnership with the Confluence Project, a regional effort to develop and cultivate the flourishing arts scene within the community of Eau Claire, WI, by donating $500,000 to the project.

At the heart of the proposal is the construction of a community arts facility, as well as a public plaza, housing, commercial space, and parking. The new facility, which aims to revitalize a portion of downtown Eau Claire, would serve to develop and cultivate the talent which already exists in the area.

With the press conference over, Zach Halmstad, Co-Founder of JAMF Software, took some time to reflect with us. “I felt we were very lucky that we were able to donate. It’s the right spot in time where this project is on the precipice of actually happening in Eau Claire. We’re at a spot where we’ve actually, through the way we’ve run the organization, been able to save money and participate in these types of efforts. So those two things coinciding is a lot of good luck. We’re really thankful for it. It’s pretty cool.”

For more information, be sure to download our press release.

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