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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Achieve the Apple Trifecta: DEP, VPP, and Apple ID for Students

Achieve the Apple Trifecta: DEP, VPP, and Apple ID for Students

This session detailed how North Raleigh Christian Academy distributed over 1000 iPads to students in grades 4-12 using Apple programs.

Some say the Triple Crown is the most satisfying achievement in all of sports. For North Raleigh Christian Academy, who over the summer distributed more than 1000 iPads to students in grades 4-12, achieving the trifecta of Apple’s deployment programs: DEP, VPP, and Apple ID for Students, was just as rewarding. Leigh Ciancanelli and Doug Penny explained this morning just how they did it using the Casper Suite.

Over the past 2 years, Apple has release several programs aimed at streamlining iPad deployments for businesses and schools. Doug Penny explained to the crowd exactly how to setup those programs and how they prepared their JSS to accept 1000 iPads. “Device Enrollment Program (DEP) was key for us, because iPads could be supervised over the air as soon as the student turns it on,” Doug said. Apple’s Device Enrollment Program allows enrollment of an iPad during the normal Apple startup process and ensures supervision.

Enrollment was the first step in their process, as the iPads now needed great education apps. To accomplish this, Leigh Ciancanelli explained how Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allowed them to purchase Apps in bulk and distribute them to students. VPP’s Managed distribution feature sends the purchase directly to the Casper Suite and allows you to redeem licenses. In addition to VPP, they also implemented the Under 13 Apple ID program to allows students to get their own Apple IDs with parental consent.

Finally, both Doug and Leigh highlighted how important logistics and planning was for their deployment. They created a unique process where students received an “iPad Passport” they carried to several different stations. “This allowed us to create checks and balances through out the deployment process,” said Leigh. Leigh wrapped up the session by recommending everyone use the ‘Apps Gone Free’ app to find great apps that have recently been discounted — saving schools money!

Watch the full video of this session now.

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