Advanced Reporting with the Casper Suite and Third-Party Tools

October 16 2013 by

John Sutcliffe talks about Advanced Reporting with the Casper Suite and third-party tools - JAMF Nation User Conference 2013

“What are the ways I can use the JSS to find information about my managed devices?” In this session geared towards super users, JAMF Software’s own Nick Amundsen, Matt Anderson, Dave Suehring, and John Sutcliffe shared some very in-depth means to leverage third-party Business Intelligence (BI) tools with the Casper Suite. They covered off on the differentiators in approach between Casper Suite version 8 and version 9, along with the pros and cons of each.

First up, they took a look at version 8. Routes included were basic device reporting, basic search, advanced search, custom reports, JSS API, and database options. Next up, version 9. Version 9 not only provides the same types of support as 8, but also extends its current functionalities while introducing new approaches. New views available in dashboards provide the ability to take a look at reports graphically, based on deployment status, total counts of objects, etc. The API offers a much cleaner, enhanced and documented view. Basic search also includes wildcard support for finding things that match string patterns vs. exact strings.

Whether you're doing your reporting in the Casper Suite or out, there is a world of information ready to be put to use.

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