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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator

AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator

This highly anticipated session walked through the differences and uses of AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator.

The AutoCasperNBI release has had numerous name checks throughout the week, so this afternoon’s session was much anticipated. Ben Toms, Senior Infrastructure Analyst at Pentland Brands, AKA MacMule, filled us in on why he decided to create it, how he did it and why it will be a useful tool for Casper Suite admins.

We kicked off with a description of the pros and cons of the current and common imaging workflows that Casper Suite admins are familiar with, and a delightful definition of “faff” for the non-Brits in the room.

“Faffing around when forked?” Check back to see the session video and receive a full explanation.

Highlighting the differences between AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator, Ben went through each solution’s use and capabilities, and let us know which solution would work best in certain situations.

Casper NetInstall Creator

  • Imaging a lab
  • Initial Imaging

AutoCaserNBI use cases:

  • Imaging a Lab
  • Initial Imaging
  • Diagnostics
  • USB Booting
  • Remote Imaging

The room was treated to a walkthrough of AutoCasperNBI, alongside some fascinating anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of building an app of this caliber almost entirely in Apple Script — along with a well-designed GUI that ultimately makes NetBoot creation a breeze.

One more thing…

There is a new version of the Casper NetInstall Creator posted to JAMF Nation today!

One more last thing…

The full release of Casper NBI was also released today! Visit macmule.com/AutoCasperNBI for the details. If you are already familiar with the BETA, this launch version now ships with full support for Yosemite and Sparkle Updater.

Watch the full video of this session now.

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