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BYOD Trend Continues to Pick Up Steam in the Workplace

Google alerts are a beautiful thing. They help us sift through the vast and dark spaces of the internet providing us links to rich and meaningful content. Like this piece. In his blog post Businesses smart to accommodate Apple products powering BYOD trend, Erik Eckel, managing partner at Louisville Geek, reminisces about his history with Apple products, including his G4 PowerBook, and the evolution of (and subsequently, his reintroduction to) Apple’s operating system. In 2005, OS X had won him over, and he’s not alone in his belief, as organizations continue to adopt the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement as a smart business practice.

“No longer should firms, regardless of size and industry, view iPhones, iPads and even Macs as detrimental, risky or unproven. In fact, users are introducing these devices to the enterprise whether IT departments want them or not. And users are doing so because the Apple technologies-notably iPads and iPhones-better enable fulfilling job requirements, professional responsibilities, and operational tasks than previously issued technologies.”

We couldn’t agree with Erik more. Read his smart article in its entirety on techrepublic.com.

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