Casper Focus Discussion Panel

October 17 2013 by

A discussion panel about the use of Casper Focus in education, from the 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

Panelists Brenda Brusegard, Shane Wheeler, Sandy Hinding, and John Wetter provided insightful "lessons learned" from their early implementation of Casper Focus. They were motivated by a desire to conduct assessments, create more time for teaching, and getting their students' attention. This was far more important to them than keeping students locked in an app for long periods of time.

The audience posed thought provoking questions ranging from basic system requirements to plans for supporting the use of Casper Focus on a large scale. Attendees also expressed a need for stronger SIS integration and the ability to deselect those students not in attendance.

By the end of the hour, the engaged audience drove the Q&A discussion. We heard some pain points, but everyone felt it was well worth it. Brenda Brusegard summed it up in three little words: “Teachers love it.”

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