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Secure connectivity has always been a cornerstone of endpoint security. Enterprise VPN, the long-ruling king of securing communications, faces new challenges that the aging protocol has trouble addressing – both effectively and efficiently – in modern-era computing environments.

In this blog, we discuss:

  • The dawn of VPN
  • What concerns it addressed
  • New challenges and security threats
  • How ZTNA handles legacy & current issues

In this edition of the macOS Security Basics series, we dive headfirst into the battle between Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to determine which of the two technologies is best suited to securing your network communications across your entire device fleet based on how they function, their features and capabilities at keeping traffic safe from bad actors.

Safely connecting workers to the apps, data and services they need to be productive. Enable secure connections based on Zero Trust Network Access across your entire fleet, regardless of where users are physically located and on any network connection for the utmost protection, leveraging application-based microtunnels and integration with cloud-based identity services for an identity-centric solution that enforces access to only the resources users need, on any device, when they need it — anywhere.

What’s the right solution to manage devices while protecting user privacy? That’s the question we answer as we compare different mobile device deployment and manageability models to help you find the right fit to balance the needs of your organization and your users.

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