Chip Pearson Delivers the Keynote Session at MacIT

January 31 2013 by

Chip Pearson delivers the key note at MacIT 2013

For the second year in a row, JAMF Software’s Managing Partner Chip Pearson had the honor to present the MacIT keynote, delivering his message to the tight-knit community of Mac system administrators. His message to the group was simple. This is the community’s moment. We have a great opportunity to shape our future, together.

Chip opened by recounting a moment in time, one which brought the crowd back to a classroom in Ames, IA, while Chip was attending the fourth grade. Although this was where his relationship with Apple began, his story weaves into a collective narrative belonging to the community. Shared experiences have created this bond between Apple administrators, one that will exist well into the future.

He then found his way back to the intersection of Apple and enterprise, a space where we make our greatest contributions. By striving to take things that are complicated and make them simple, we live at these crossroads. Paired with Apple’s commitment to making great technology that finds its way into the enterprise, this intersection is a wonderful place to exist.

Our story concludes with the future at hand. It remains unwritten, and together we can shape it - let’s help the Apple platform grow and spread the goodness to everyone.

"If you don't know something, learn it. If you know something, teach it." - Chip Pearson

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