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Code42 CrashPlan and the Casper Suite: The Greatest Partnership since Tyrion and Bronn

You may know HBO for their hit tv shows, The Sopranos, Entourage, and of course, Game of Thrones. But did you know that they are users of the Casper Suite and Code42 CrashPlan? In this JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) session, Jorge Sanchez, client technology system engineer at HBO, discussed how the happy union between CrashPlan and the Casper Suite made deploying and administering secure endpoint backup in their enterprise a breeze. 

Reasons to bring in CrashPlan and the Casper Suite
“For those times when a laptop is lost or stolen and a user needs their data, we needed a solution to help recover and backup this data,” Sanchez said. That’s why they brought in a backup system to circumvent this — and many problems like it. 

HBO also required a management solution to enforce this backup and ensure devices were secure. On top of that, they needed the ability to pull inventory data on each device to see which devices had fallen out of compliance with their policies. 

“Clients don’t always follow procedures,” he said. So they turned to the Casper Suite to help with the management of their CrashPlan backup software and ensure it was on all employee devices. 

Things to watch for and lessons learned
Sanchez walked the crowd through the process of setting up and deploying CrashPlan with the Casper Suite. He said that there were features that they found very beneficial. “We could customize the PROe installer, create custom installation setting packages, and deploy these packages."

Tips that he imparted on the audience included setting up alerts on CrashPlan and Casper Suite, make use of smart groups and extension attributes, and automate the process based on alerts.  

With CrashPlan and the Casper Suite in place, they are now able to recover data and backup their devices anywhere, anytime.