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Andy Beaver talks about iOS 7, Casper Suite, and Apple Configurator at the 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

Deploying iOS 7 in an Institutional Model

When it comes to implementing an institutional model, it’s important to note, this is NOT the easiest method of deployment. Andy Beaver, iOS ninja, Apple Certified Trainer, and MDM admin at St. Joseph School District, does some really cool stuff with iOS deployments—a good chunk of which (2,000 iPads out of their 5,000 in inventory) are managed under the institutional model. So if the institutional model isn’t the easiest way to manage devices, why bother? Andy bestowed an hour’s worth of his wisdom on the crowd, starting with the history of Apple Configurator.

From there, he discussed the questions organizations should be asking themselves to arrive at the right deployment method. The public, teacher’s, and student’s expectations are key. If students will have full control of their device, the personal model makes the most sense. Have lots of expensive apps? The institutional model might be up your alley. Have global proxy policies? A supervised layered model may be the way to go.

“Know they enemy—cardboard. Boxes will be EVERYWHERE.” For the remainder of his session, Andy focused on pre-planning, challenges, and the workflows every administrator should be aware of. “The little plastic trays in the boxes are perfect Apple Configurator stands.” “Think assembly line and call in the reserves. Students, volunteers, teachers…call in everyone!”

The institutional model might not be the easiest route to take, but as Andy wrapped things up, it definitely made a whole lotta sense.

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