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July 21, 2017 by Kerry Fortman

Earning your diploma in Apple management: Part 4

In the fourth part of our five-part series, we look at the new capabilities of managed Apple TVs, and highlight the benefits and use cases for education.

Part 4: Utilizing new Apple TV management capabilities

Over the years, Apple has proven its commitment to education by unveiling classroom-altering features like the iPad, iTunes U and a wealth of education-specific apps. With that said, what has Apple been up to lately to help IT maximize learning time for the students and teachers they support?

In our blog series, we’ll examine what Apple is currently offering to help schools get more out of their education technology and explain the role of mobile device management (MDM) in streamlining the entire process.

If you’re new to our five-part series, be sure to catch up on the first three installments and learn about:

In this installment, I’ll focus on managed Apple TVs and explain how schools can benefit from these new management capabilities.

A new Apple TV era
We get it, Apple TVs have not always been the easiest to manage. Especially if you’re accustomed to the benefits and ease of managing macOS and iOS devices. You craved more capabilities and options with your Apple TVs to make them just as efficient as your other Apple devices.

Well, Apple listened! With the release of tvOS 10.2, a whole new set of management capabilities became available for all fourth-generation Apple TV devices.

Feast your eyes on the new capabilities awaiting you…

You can now completely automate the device setup experience! As long as your devices are purchased through Apple or an authorized reseller under your Apple School Manager token, you can configure devices the way you want. Also, this provides a great opportunity to leverage your faculty to unbox the Apple TV, plug in the power and Ethernet, and your MDM can do the rest — all under six seconds!

Smart Targeting
Since you’re able to automatically and dynamically collect inventory details of your Apple TVs using your device management tool, you can quickly identify which managed devices require action. From this information, you can build targeted groups to trigger automatic device management tasks.

Airplay Management
Enjoy the benefit of mass associating and configuring iOS devices with Apple TV, allowing your teachers and students to easily display content. This cuts down on troubleshooting potential display issues you’ve dealt with in the past.

Education use cases for Apple TVs
If you’re evaluating if Apple TVs are worth the investment for your school, here are five use cases that may entice you to add these devices to your education technology program:

  1. Collaborative learning
  2. Classroom interactions
  3. Spontaneous sharing
  4. Digital signage
  5. Faculty meetings and lounge displays

If you’d like to learn more about the many possibilities with Apple TVs in education, or simply don’t want to wait for our final installment on new MDM capabilities, check out our 5 Apple Trends You Don’t Want to Miss e-book.

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