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May 2, 2019 by Jeni Asaba

Elevating the modern workplace with device choice Skyscanner

Read how Skyscanner manages more than 900 Macs in Jamf Cloud and offers employees their choice of work device.

Connecting 80 million monthly visitors with the best available prices on flights, hotels and car rentals, Skyscanner is one of the world’s leading apps and travel search sites. But in order to continue delivering the most modern experience for customers, Skyscanner knows they also need to push the technological boundaries when it comes to their own in-house offerings to employees.

In 2014 there were only a handful of Apple devices at Skyscanner, and they all sat with the graphic design team. It was then that the engineering department asked to switch from their own Windows computers to MacBook laptops — a way to increase the department’s productivity. The requests kept coming. More and more employees voiced their desire to switch to Apple.

The Skyscanner IT team knew their existing management solution wouldn’t suffice for the increase in Apple hardware, so they purchased Jamf and maintained an on-premises deployment. After a couple years, however, they knew this wasn’t the optimal setup. The IT team reevaluated their options, and after a full cost analysis, determined Jamf Cloud was their best option.

“Jamf Cloud is the easiest way to put in place an industry standard MDM solution that’s 100 percent focused on the Apple ecosystem without the burden of having to maintain backups, security updates, database conversions, etc.,” said Ricard Tolosa, Mac Services Squad lead, Skyscanner. “Our team can now spend all that recovered time on improvements and new features for the users.” Skyscanner now manages more than 900 Macs in Jamf Cloud.

And the ability for employees to have a device choice, is what Skyscanner’s Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Mairi Fernandez-Arez, said contributes to their success. “We should all be considered as individuals by our employer. And as individuals, we have different levels of comfort in using different devices,” she said. “Joining Skyscanner means you need to learn a huge amount of complex information to get up to speed. If you are able to choose the tool that best supports your preferred learning methods, it’s something less to worry about.”

To learn more about how Skyscanner empowers employees through their Employee Tooling Choice Program and Jamf Self Service, read the full case study.

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