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Five ways to see a Return on Investment (ROI) in Apple device management

Five ways to see an ROI in Apple device management

Learn what to look for when choosing an Apple device management solution.

When organizations procure and implement technology, just as with anything else, there is an expectation for a Return on Investment (ROI). An ROI, put simply, means that the technology helps the organization save costs in ways that exceed the cost of the technology itself.

How do you know if you’re getting a good deal?
When it comes to mobile device and client management tools, an ROI can be measured in a number of areas. Below are five key areas to consider before choosing an Apple device management tool:

  1. Time savings when deploying hardware and software, including integration with automated workflows such as DEP and VPP
  2. Reductions in IT help desk tickets with Self Service
  3. Reduction in potential risk-related penalties with auditing, disk encryption, and security compliance enforcement
  4. Cost savings due to hardware loss prevention and warranty tracking with advanced reporting and AppleCare GSX
  5. Cost savings due to software procurement and license management with VPP and licensed software tracking

Learn more about the ROI with an Apple device management tool.

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