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From Awkward to Awesome

Watch this JNUC session in its entirety.

Your JumpStart is behind you. The dust has settled, and things just got real. You learned how create smart groups and policies. You know Casper Suite (now Jamf Pro) is awesome and can do amazing things, but you’re a bit hesitant to get started. Don’t be. In today’s session, Patrik Jerneheim, an expert in all things Apple, reminded everyone what’s possible and encouraged IT professionals to go forth and conquer.

To kick it off, Jerneheim asked, “So what do we want to achieve?” He recommended a straightforward approach to answer the question.

1) Evaluate what you have.

2) Talk to your colleagues.

3) Gather information.

4) Define a timeline.

“And don’t forget to talk to your users,” he reminded.

Move forward with the intent to always learn. Jerneheim recommended some easy methods: get more training, read white papers, watch webinars or “just Google it.”

Pay attention to the default applications. Keep in mind that all computers should contain:

  • A suite of default applications: “So start your packaging engines!”
  • Some common security settings: “If you’re not on the latest OS, you’re vulnerable.”
  • A default configuration: “This step proved to be more complex.”
  • All printers available in Self Service: “The last-catch all.”

Jerneheim ended the session with some of his favorite tools of the trade, which included Jamf’s own Jamf Nation

MacSysAdmin <>

Rich Trouton’s Der Flounder <>

Ben Tom’s Mac Mule <>,

John Kitzmiller <>