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Prepare your Apple deployments now for next year's school year.

Get your tech ready for next year’s classrooms

See how schools and IT can prepare now to ensure next year's Apple program is a success.

As the summer rolls around, it’s time for IT teams to begin preparing technologies for next year’s class. If you are an IT administrator, this can be a lot of work and—in some environments—can even take away weekends while devices are collected, wiped, re-imaged, and re-deployed. Let’s take a moment to review some new technologies from Apple that might give IT back their weekends and ease the transition from one school year to the next:

  • If you are planning to procure new iPad or Mac devices for your environment, you can make it easy on yourself and the students you support by leveraging Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). This program allows IT to ship a new iPad or Mac directly to classrooms and allow teachers or students to walk through the native Apple setup assistant to enroll their devices into management and automatically have all approved apps, content, and settings applied – without IT ever having to touch the device.
  • If you need to deploy learning apps from the App Store, like Edmodo or Nearpod, IT can leverage Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP). VPP enables IT to obtain license tokens, assign apps to students, and deploy them to devices remotely. When used with device management tools like the Casper Suite, you can even automate what students and classrooms get what apps based on rules set up in a dynamic inventory.
  • If IT wants students to be able to obtain their own apps and content in the classroom, based on a customer catalog that they created and curated, IT can use Casper Suite Self Service. Self Service enables students to access a custom App Store that is based on a school’s curriculum, the student’s personalized needs, and the needs of the devices in your IT environment.

To learn more about how to make next year’s device deployment the easiest one yet, follow the guide to Apple iOS deployment in education.

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