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Improving healthcare with wearable technology

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In the heart of SoHo, Manhattan is a small team with a big vision. Up in their loft, discretely tucked away from the busy New York streets below, Simplifeye works to make their dream of improving healthcare with wearable technology a reality.

Simplifeye was born five years ago when cousins Zach and Ryan Hungate decided to solve a problem that prevented dentist offices from operating at their optimal efficiencies. “The clinic would schedule patients for an hour, but really the treatment would only take half an hour and the patient ended up waiting around for a doctor to check them out for the other half an hour,” Ryan explained. “So we would lose money on many of our patients.”

After pairing Ryan’s experience as a doctor with Zach’s knowledge of venture capital investing, the duo introduced the Apple Watch app, and later, a full suite of software solutions, to medical and dental offices. The wearable technology not only allows practitioners to access patient information from an organization’s electronic medical record (EMR), but it also gives them real-time updates about their schedule.

“Now I can easily see where the patient is, where the patient is going and where I need to be. It’s a change in the way we work, and it’s incredible,” said New York dentist, Dr. Gary Kaye. “We don’t walk into the room now and have to look at the chart or look at the screen. I know exactly who’s in the room and what my interaction is going to be. And that really makes for a much smoother day.”

As Simplifeye continues to penetrate the healthcare market with its first-of-its-kind solution, they recognize that having a partner that can grow with them is imperative to their success. Zach said, “The ability for Jamf to scale with Simplifeye is extremely important, and I’m very confident that they will, because they have – not only through their very helpful and knowledgeable sales team, but also through their international capabilities.”

To learn more about Simplifeye and how they’re improving the patient experience while streamlining the workflow of medical professionals, read the full case study.

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