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iPhone 6 hits the streets

iPhone 6 hits the streets

Ensure a seamless and successful deployment of the new iPhone 6 with the Casper Suite mobile device management solution.

The iPhone 6 is big. It's big for business, big for schools, and big for each and everyone of us. It's a big deal because it is the most powerful and efficient iPhone ever made, with its A8 chip, M8 motion co-processor, barometer, 1.5µ pixel camera, NFC, larger retina HD display, iOS 8, and wireless that offers speed that is three times faster than before. 

This is a technology that has the power to accelerate everything that we do. It's no wonder that so much of the world has already lined up—once again—to grab a piece of Apple's technology revolution. And no wonder  businesses and schools are preparing to bring these innovative new devices into their environments. 

But for businesses and schools, the launch of iPhone 6 is both important and invasive. Bringing any new technology into an enterprise environment is complicated and brings along a host of challenges. The Casper Suite is here to help.

If your enterprise is looking to roll out iPhone 6, the Casper Suite is here for you with iOS 8 support and a rich set of Apple device management features to ensure a seamless and successful deployment. If you order new iPhone 6 devices from an Apple Store in the U.S., you'll be able to use Apple's Device Enrollment Program to enroll your devices in the Casper Suite and place them under management automatically as they are unboxed. There's no easier way to gather inventory of new devices, distribute managed applications, content, and settings, and ensure that enterprise security standards are met.

If you have a BYOD program, the Casper Suite can detect new devices entering an enterprise network and automatically direct them to enroll. With the ability to enroll the device as personally owned, privacy expectations of the user—and privacy standards set forth by Apple—can be fully upheld, while enterprise security standards are enforced, as well. By pushing down a restricted MDM payload architected specifically for the security and privacy needs of BYOD programs, the Casper Suite offers unprecedented transparency, privacy, and protection of both enterprise and personal data on BYO devices.

Learn why your enterprise should be excited about iPhone 6: www.apple.com/iphone-6
And learn more about how the Casper Suite can help your organization embrace new Apple technology: www.jamfsoftware.com/products/casper-suite/

Above: JAMF Software's Nick Thompson gets his prize at the Apple Retail Store in Uptown

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