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We're celebrating System Administrator Appreciation Day at JAMF Software

It’s Official. It’s System Administrator Appreciation Day!

In the ever-growing list of Appreciation Days (Squirrel Appreciation Day, House Plant Appreciation Day, International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day), one might overlook this rather humble (and totally legit) holiday. After all, in the 14 years it’s been celebrated, have you acknowledged the IT folks in your life? One could even argue System Administrator Appreciation Day is worth celebrating EVERY day. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Your computer works
  • They are the reason you can get Mt. Dew in red, yellow, or blue
  • Your phone works
  • They’re artistic
  • The network is up and secure
  • They’re good at lots of stuff
  • Server maintenance is completed on nights, holidays, and weekends so your work isn’t disrupted
  • They inspire television programming like this

So if you’ve forgotten, it’s not too late to show the SysAdmins in your life a little love. Parties, Monster energy drinks, ThinkGeek gift cards, Mt. Dew, or Star Wars anything are just a few ways you can still show your appreciation.

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