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March 1, 2023 by Laurie Mona

Jamf Fundamentals and Jamf Business Plan: Which one is better for your business?

Learn about the Jamf plans that help you manage and secure your Apple devices and see which one is right for your organization.

Apple is growing in the enterprise, as employees want to be able to use Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV for their work. In turn, companies are looking for the best solution to simplify work with their Apple ecosystems. Jamf helps organizations succeed with Apple by offering plans, solutions and products that meet the needs of any size organization.

As the leader in managing and securing Apple at work, Jamf helps more than 71,000 organizations manage more than approximately 30 million devices worldwide. For a purpose-built solution that goes beyond Mobile Device Management (MDM).

To help organizations manage and secure devices in an Apple-first organization, Jamf offers the Jamf Fundamentals plan or the Jamf Business plan.

Read on to learn more about each plan to help figure out which may be right for you.

Jamf Fundamentals plan

The Jamf Fundamentals plan is ideal for growing small- and medium-sized businesses that need to deliver more power with a lean IT team. This plan extends beyond the MDM framework with unique capabilities for connecting, protecting and empowering your workforce. It helps provide the security and identity functionality businesses need to defend against modern threats, all within Jamf Now’s easy-to-use, intuitive platform that gets you up and running quickly.

The Jamf Fundamentals plan features include:

  • Password sync: Keep Mac passwords in sync with cloud credentials using a single identity, including enforcing password policies from Microsoft Azure AD and Okta.*
  • Custom applications and profiles: App deployment and management for apps, including custom apps developed in-house or by a third party and unlimited configurations with the simplicity of Jamf Now Blueprints.
  • macOS packages: Deploy an app not currently listed in the Mac App Store or a package you built yourself.
  • Self Service: Users can choose from pre-approved App Store and third-party apps with an on-demand app catalog powered by Jamf's Self Service solution.
  • Malware prevention: Prevent malicious software and other threats from running on your devices.

What does Jamf Fundamentals cost?

You can get the Jamf Fundamentals plan for your company for a flat price of $4 per device per month; the first three devices are free. There are no device minimums.

Jamf Business plan

Many organizations with dedicated IT admins are looking for robust management and security workflows to improve efficiency and the end-user experience. When it comes to managing and securing Apple devices, Jamf is the gold standard.

The Jamf Business plan helps organizations automate the entire lifecycle of Apple in the enterprise, including device deployment, management and security. 

Jamf Business plan management features include:

  • Automated enrollment and configuration for personalized zero-touch deployment
  • Robust device management through configuration profiles, policies, smart targeting and scripts that offers customizable inventory dashboards, advanced search and alerts
  • A centralized location to license, deploy and automate app management as well as a branded Self Service app catalog that equips users with on-demand resources

Jamf Business plan security features include:

  • Modern remote access to applications and resources based on cloud-identity credentials, complete with multi-factor authentication and password sync*

  • Endpoint security, compliance monitoring and behavioral and macOS-specific threat detection to prevent cyber attacks like phishing
  • Content filtering and data consumption automation to enforce and manage company policy

The Jamf Business plan includes Jamf Standard Support (chat, email or phone during business hours) along with access to Jamf's full online training catalog.

The Jamf Business plan is only available for Jamf Pro instances hosted in Jamf Cloud, and is unable to offer device-based licenses combined with user-based licenses. If you need this feature, please contact us about a custom Enterprise plan.

*Cloud identity provider use is required. Supported identity providers include Okta, Microsoft Azure, Google, OneLogin, Ping Federate and IBM Security Verify.

What does the Jamf Business plan cost?

You can sign up for the Jamf Business plan for $13.65 per month per user billed annually. $163.8 per user, per year. There's a minimum purchase of 25 licenses, and the maximum number of devices per user is set at a 5:1 ratio (up to 5 devices per 1 user).

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, streamlined solution or a robust management and security solution, you can’t go wrong with choosing Jamf. Our team is happy to walk you through your options to help you identify the solution that best fits your needs.

Our 96% Jamf Pro customer retention rate and industry-leading customer satisfaction scores speak for themselves. If you’re ready to take one of our solutions for a spin, get started below.

Jamf Fundamentals plan

Jamf Business plan

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