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October 20, 2016 by Daniel Weber

Jamf Integration Completes ServiceNow IT Workflow

This 2016 JNUC session explained how using the right automation tools can streamline daily tasks, while empowering end users to be more productive without extra support from IT – a win-win for all.

Watch this JNUC session in its entirety.

More time and happy customers. They’re always wanted, and they’re possible. In today’s session, Jamf’s Joe Bloom and Nick Amundsen teamed up with ServiceNow’s Rebecca Dias and Tanya Pfeffer to show how using the right automation tools can streamline daily tasks while empowering end users to be more productive without extra support from IT – a win-win for all.

“ServiceNow and Jamf have teamed up to give more power to Mac admins and Mac users by providing a single place to report on devices for user support and automation tools for authorized distribution of software,” Bloom said. “Our goal is to make giving a user the software they need even easier and to provide a way to better manage software licenses, saving time and money.”

It all starts by following the app.

Jamf leverages partnerships with app developers as a way to expand the capabilities and take away steps that don’t add value – meaning you get more from both solutions working together and save time for activities that create value. This can take the form of talking about common solutions, using AppConfig.org standards to preconfigure applications or creating deeper integrations like the one we have now with ServiceNow.

“ServiceNow is a leading ITSM provider that empowers organizations to provide a comprehensive solution that in turn provides a quality, unified experience for end users,” Bloom explained, “all while giving IT administrators a toolset for easy management of IT.”

The team then walked through common workflow problems they address through ServiceNow.

The biggest problems we solve with ServiceNow are centralized reporting on devices in an organization and better software licensing and procurement methods through automated workflows.

The ServiceNow integration allows macOS devices that are managed in Casper Suite to be visible in ServiceNow for centralized reporting. This supports managerial reports on all desktop devices, such as how many devices are encrypted, by adding macOS devices to the ServiceNow view.

In addition, our tie into ServiceNow’s Orchestration platform allows for workflows so a macOS user can request a piece of software. It follows a ServiceNow ticketing and approval flow, and that software can then be distributed to the individual. IT saves time, and it’s easy for the user to place a request.

And it’s coming soon! The new ServiceNow integration will be coming out in the ServiceNow store in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open and look for more announcements from us.

The team ended the session with a demo – a first-hand look at an elevated user experience.

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