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The 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference keynote kicks off

JAMF Nation User Conference 2013 Keynote

The Fourth Annual JAMF Nation User Conference kicked off at the Guthrie Theater, welcoming an energized crowd of IT administrators from 6 continents.

“Hi, I’m Ca….” [crowd ROARS] The JAMF Nation was either really excited to see Cam Evjen, Director of Education, or just pumped to be here. We’d like to think it was both. After Cam shared a few housekeeping tidbits, and with a little help from Blaine Mattson to work the audience, Chip Pearson took the stage.

In our fourth annual JAMF Nation User Conference, Chip walked us through some staggering statistics. From what started as an offshoot to the user group parties we hosted at Macworld, the conference has grown to one of the largest Mac IT focused events on the globe. With attendees representing 6 continents, 19 countries, and 44 US states, we’ve come a long way over the past four years.

“How many of you attended our first JNUC in 2010?” A smattering of hands shot up across the theater. Chip chuckled, “We’ve learned a few things since those days. Like, we’ll need more than one pot of coffee for 100 people. Thanks for believing in us and sticking with us.”

Apple in the Enterprise

This intersection is a special, yet still misunderstood space. To reporters and analysts, Apple products do not make up the metaphorical engine built to run the enterprise. As administrators working hard in the trenches, we know this not to be true. Together, through the community’s sweat, toil, and tears, coupled with the insane unit growth of Apple devices, we ARE making Apple in the Enterprise a reality. “I want to make sure that around us, we own this space and realize it’s ours. Otherwise, people will continue to marginalize this space.”

Technology, Service, and Community

Chip handed off the mic to Zach Halmstad, founder and product manager. “There are three main areas the team focuses on all year long. Technology, service, and community."


“Last year, we announced Casper Suite 9. This was the largest project JAMF has ever worked on. We completely rebuilt the JSS. We implemented almost 140 feature requests.” Zach then shared JAMF's “What’s New in 9” video with the crowd—a collaborative team effort which sums up the reasons and features the team was so proud to be a part of the product.


Jason Wudi, Chief Cultural Officer, stepped onstage next. “At JAMF, service is not a department or rating, it’s a mentality. We’re dedicated to something larger than ourselves. It’s in that spirit that we’re all here today. So how do we express that? Through relationships. Our co-worker mentality. We’re focused on solving real problems and major pain points. We’re honored to receive your worthy words of praise and criticism. And through our local presence, we’ve opened offices in Hong Kong and Amsterdam and have continued to grow the JAMF presence in many of the other places your live and work.”


Another mic pass. Zach continued, “Our community is one of my favorite things about the last 11 years. When we look at what community means, there are three major areas: JAMF Nation, the JAMF Nation Global Foundation (JNGF), and the JAMF Nation User Conference.” For members of the Nation, the JAMF Nation Global Foundation was the only real surprise here. Founded earlier in the year, the organization was created to enrich the communities in which we live and work. Its primary focus is to contribute to organizations and causes that align with JAMF Software’s core values, where we’re able to make the greatest impact. With that, Zach announced two JNGF initiatives, the JNUC Charity Run Club 5K and the JAMF Nation Device Reuse Program.

Next up, three community members were inducted into the JAMF Nation Dean’s List. Ben Toms, Don Montalvo, and Mike Morales collectively contributed 3,645 posts and 272 answers to the JAMF Nation over the last 23 months. Each received a JAMF Software hooded sweatshirt, and the appreciation of the community.

And with that, the opening keynote concluded, and the energized crowd began an action-packed day full of sessions.

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