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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Keynote

JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 Keynote

The Fifth Annual JAMF Nation User Conference kicked off at the Guthrie Theater, welcoming an energized crowd of IT administrators from around the world.

The Wurtele Thrust stage was a packed house as the JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) officially kicked off. We hope you were able to join us as Zach Halmstad, Chip Pearson, Jake Mosey, Jason Wudi, and Charles Edge took the stage during this morning’s keynote address.

For those that were unable to attend, the session began with a brief history of the JNUC and its evolution over the years — including how attendance has doubled since last year. Of the 34 total sessions this year, 28 are led by attendees.

“This is the spirit of the JNUC, we want to provide the forum, but it really is what you guys do for each other and what you do for your users that make this special,” said Chip Pearson, Managing Partner, Strategy and Development.

Balance of simple and complex

Chip went on to discuss the path that Apple management has taken from Apple Remote Access to Macintosh Manager, and he said that the world of IT is changing. There are different support strategies and users bringing their own devices, making things more complex. At the center of the complex world is IT and the people they support. Chip stressed that helping people connect is a way to simplify the complex.

JAMF Nation Community

Jake Mosey, Manager, Product Management, discussed the tremendous growth of the JAMF Nation — 18,000 members strong and over 4,000 discussions created so far this year. Of the 18,000, a few have gone above and beyond to help out the community. Those that have made the highly anticipated 2014 JAMF Nation Dean’s list include:

  • Steve Wood
  • Don Montalvo
  • Ben Toms
  • Mike Morales

JAMF Cloud, JAMF Distribution Server 2.0, and BYOD

Jason Wudi, Chief Technology Officer, discussed the fully hosted service offering that JAMF Software is offering and the commitment to delivering an improved JAMF Distribution Server (JDS) that features direct uploads and seamless imaging workflows. He added that this functionality is in the works and will be made available once JAMF Software and the JAMF Nation Community are satisfied with the updates.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments were also discussed and Wudi detailed JAMF Software’s mission to put the right tools in the hands of IT to manage the devices and platforms they need.

Managing Multiple Devices, Linked Installations

The keynote continued as Zach Halmstad, Founder and Product Manager, discussed the trend of users having multiple devices. He said that the addition of a new Self Service feature called “My Devices” will provide management commands that are available to the end user, such as device wipe, allowing them to take care of certain tasks without IT involvement.

Linked Installations will also be a new feature and will allow for setup of multiple devices. Mobile device applications can be linked to OS X computers and vice-versa. This applies to applications, profiles, and eBooks.

Zach also discussed updated Patch Management, saying this will help make the lives of IT easier. The JNUC crowd went wild and the Twitter feed blew up at this announcement! New Patch Management functionality is being worked on to remove monotonous tasks such as the need to re-package updates and maintain the policy associated with a patch. JAMF Software is working on the timeline for implementing these new functionalities.  More news to come. 

New Product Announcement: Bushel

A monumental unveiling also took place with the announcement of Bushel — a device management tool for small and medium sized businesses. Bushel comes with practically no learning curve and empowers non-technical individuals to handle simple IT challenges on their own. JNUC attendees that want to learn more about Bushel are encouraged to attend the Wednesday afternoon session with Charles Edge, Product Manager.

Charles summed it up by saying, “Bushel empowers your colleagues and lets [IT] win some of their weekends back.”

A warm welcome and thank you was sent to each and every attendee, and with that, the 2014 JNUC was officially underway! 

Watch the full video of this session now.

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