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A few hearty souls woke up early for the JNUC 5K run.

And tonight we'll share our stories, celebrate our successes, and make new friends.

Audience members remained engaged, asking the thought provoking questions we've come to expect and love.

We discovered all sorts of awesome, practical, and awesomely-practical applications in the Casper Suite.

Carpe diem! We couldn't think of a better time to launch the new community site than together with those who helped make it so – the JAMF Nation Community users.

Attendees and sponsors alike took advantage of precious face time opportunities.

We shared good times and laughs with each other.

JNUC Day 2: A photo recap

Day two had some surprises in store, beginning with an impromptu 5K JAMF fun-run! The team had time to take in some beautiful riverfront scenery, burn a few calories, and clean up all before the morning's keynote started at 9:00 a.m. Which by the way, included one of the most exciting events of the conference thus far, the announcement of JAMF Nation 2.0. The community shared best practices in one-to-one deployments, took in a few inspirational case studies, and learned how to design and implement their own workflows when imaging. Take a peek at what we were up to today.

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