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Join the Jamf beta program

Posted in: Jamf Pro, Marketplace

Did you know Jamf has a beta program? We don't want our developers to get blind-sided with updates that end up breaking solutions that integrate with Jamf Pro. So whenever possible, we want our developers to join the Jamf beta program for each release.

If you are a software developer and don't already have access to Jamf Pro, you should definitely join the developer program! To do so, visit and fill out the form. Once you're in the developer program, you will have access to a Jamf Pro Not For Resale (NFR) license, the ability to enroll into the beta program for pre-release versions of the software, as well as input into future product offerings.

Once you're a developer, to sign up for the beta program for a new version, log into Jamf Nation and under your username, click My Assets

From My Assets, you can then enroll in the beta program for each release!

If you don't have access to enroll, let us know and we'll work with you to get access!