Keynote: Apple Management Redefined

The mission to help you succeed with Apple remains. What’s changed? Find out by reading a recap of today's opening Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) session.

October 18 2016 by

Daniel Weber

Watch this JNUC session in its entirety.

The mission to help you succeed with Apple remains. What’s changed? JAMF Software is now simply Jamf. That’s how the 2016 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) kicked off at the renowned Guthrie Theater in downtown Minneapolis this morning.

Jamf founders, Chip Pearson and Zach Halmstad, took the stage to welcome the largest JNUC crowd to date.

While the brand change is not overly dramatic, this has been a monumental year for Jamf. Growing to 9,100 customers and 7 million Apple devices under management, our founders sent out a heartfelt thanks to the thousand plus in attendance, countless watching via the live stream and the nearly 38,000 Jamf Nation Apple admins around the world who made this all possible.

Product changes at Jamf
Along with the company name change, Dean Hager, Jamf CEO, joined the founders to discuss the new look, feel and functionality of Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) and Jamf Now (formerly Bushel).

To help deliver the enhancements, Jamf has doubled the size of its engineering team and added a third engineering center in Europe. Of Jamf Now, Hager said, “This is a solution to manage Apple devices where you don’t need to talk to a support person, a sales person, no need to install software. You wait for nothing.”

The Jamf team even enrolled a JNUC attendee's device into Jamf Now during the presentation to demonstrate how simple it is.

Community leaders recognized
Halmstad recognized influential community members and discussed their contributions to Jamf Nation over the past year. Added to the 2016 Jamf Nation Honor Roll was:

  • Don Montalvo — @donmontalvo
  • Chris Denesha — @cdenesha
  • Mike Morales — @mm2270
  • Michael Crispin — @mcrispin

More than Apple management expertise
The community does more than aid one another with their Apple needs, as the board chair of the Jamf Nation Global Foundation, Pearson took a moment to discuss how Jamf contributes to the community and serves where their hearts lead them. Places where the Global Foundation has been this past year included the Salvation Army Food Bank, Matter More, Ben-In-Connection and Open Arms — just to name a few.

A better way to empower users with Apple
Product news — a leading reason attendees love the JNUC — once again took center stage as Hager discussed how Jamf’s employee expansion and commitment to research and development are driving what is possible with device management.

Through sneak peeks at Jamf Pro and Jamf Now, and an incredible preview at the power of the new Jamf and ServiceNow integration, JNUC attendees got to see the future of Apple device management, including enhanced Patch Management and Self Service. Hager even demonstrated an industry first: migrating from one product to another without user interruption when he seamlessly migrated Jamf Now to Jamf Pro — including the device that was enrolled in Jamf Now earlier in the session!

This process is ideal for those who grow their device count and are looking for a more robust, powerful management solution to pair with their Macs, iPads and iPhones.

Before sending the attendees to their next sessions, Hager summed up the session by saying, “Every day we’re going to try and get a little bit better for you, and every day we’re going to work to re-earn your business.”

And with that, the JNUC was underway!
More than 50 sessions will take place in the coming days, including the day two keynote where IBM will discuss ways user preference is driving business trends.

If you weren’t able to attend the JNUC this year, tune in live tomorrow to view the keynote or register to receive the keynote recordings once they are available. And, as always, be sure to follow the Jamf blog to get a recap of all of the sessions.

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