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Zach Halmstad and Jake Mosey stand at a podium during JNUC to discuss Community 2.0.
October 24, 2012 by Daniel Weber

[Keynote] JAMF Nation

Wow. What’s the state of the nation? From our view it looks awesome. Zach Halmstad and Jake Mosey took us on a journey that has evolved over the past four years, and has landed us to the newest version of JAMF Nation, Community 2.0.

Our tour started with a look back, and the three goals we had laid before us as we created the first version of JAMF Nation. Number one, our solution needed to facilitate customer-to-customer communication. If we failed in this endeavor, nothing else would matter. Secondly, we wanted to create a way for the community to share their ideas with us – we needed to know what was important to them and how we could make things better. And thirdly, we wanted a streamlined way to distribute information to the JAMF Nation community in a way that was easy for the end-user to sort through.

With credit greatly due to our community, over the past year, the JAMF Nation community has averaged 1,700 posts per month, 3.5 feature requests were suggested per day, and almost 200 Knowledge Base articles are currently posted.

And where are we going? Well, some of our feature requests weren’t just related to our products – we had a lot of great ideas submitted regarding JAMF Nation. With that said, we are so pumped to share JAMF Nation 2.0 with you, which we’re hoping makes life that much easier for our users and the Mac community alike.

There’s a new user interface with responsive design that makes using JAMF Nation easy on any device. You can track threads. Vendors can claim and own third-party product pages. Submit, follow, and close your cases while interacting directly with your account manager. There’s a JAMF store where you can renew licenses and register for certification courses. But best of all, 2.0 launched today, so log into JAMF Nation and check it out for yourself!

JAMF Nation:

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