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[Keynote] Welcome Mayor RT Rybak

Guest and (surprise!) speaker Mayor RT Rybak warmed up the crowd this morning. For those of you not familiar with the Mayor, RT has been serving the city of Minneapolis since 2001, and is a locally beloved figure, often referred to as “the coolest mayor ever!”

Miles Mercer, Senior Project Coordinator of the City of Minneapolis gave our team a heads up in terms of the Mayor’s beverage preferences. Minneapolis tap water in a glass it was, and up on stage it went for his presentation. To paraphrase the Mayor’s sentiment, “Minneapolis has the best tap water in the world and is quickly becoming the next great city to craft beer.” Mayor Rybak went on to share a three-minute history of Minneapolis and his vision for downtown becoming the next great regional technology hub. We were quite fond of his reference to our building, the Grain Exchange, as the future home of the “Brain Exchange.”

We’ll be sharing the recording of his speech, as well as the other keynote presenters within the next few weeks, so check back for the full recording.

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