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See how Anaplan uses Jamf Pro and Code42 to quickly and easily roll out new devices or replace existing ones, even for remote users and international offices.

October 29 2018 by

Rachel Nauen

Is your company hiring like crazy, or expanding to new geographies? Is your IT staff stretched to the limit? Do you need your software to work harder?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you. In one of last week's Jamf Nation User Conference sessions, Anaplan’s Global Head of Cloud Information Systems Alan Foley and Code42 Sales Engineer Andy Meyer talked about how Foley scaled IT operations while Anaplan added 700 new employees in four years across six new areas.

Anaplan has 20 offices with IT onsite at six of these offices. When Foley first started the project, he was tasked with building a forward-thinking IT strategy that also took into account the business. What were the business requirements? Well first, it was important to think about Anaplan’s rapid growth. The company was adding 13 employees every week. Other requirements were that data loss was not an option, user downtime needed to be limited and the number of IT resources required had to be minimized.

Foley first took steps to lay the foundation for business growth. When looking for a tech stack, he advises other IT teams to select the best product, not just the biggest player in the field. It’s important to find a product that has the required flexibility you need for your business and IT requirements.

As Foley was building out the IT strategy and bringing on the software and tools he needed, he faced some challenges. He advises other IT admins to be thorough when creating a plan to manage all devices. Foley picked Jamf because he was impressed with Jamf Pro’s powerful features. This includes Smart Groups to build out groups and different policies for different teams as well as Self Service to encourage end users to own their devices and permissions.

Foley also recommended Code42 as a data security organization. More than 50,000 organizations globally rely on Code42 for its data protection, visibility and recovery solutions. Foley leveraged Code42 to protect end users from data loss and reduce their downtime when replacing and upgrading their endpoint devices. Combined with Jamf Pro, Foley was able to use Code42 to quickly and easily support a zero-touch solution to roll out or replace devices, even for remote users and international offices.

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