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Make Apple devices click with your existing infrastructure

As Apple's acceptance in the enterprise grows, see how the Casper Suite can help organizations converge their existing Windows infrastructure with new Apple technologies.

Leading organizations look to maximize investments by leveraging existing infrastructure and integrating new technologies into existing environments. From both an end-user computing perspective and an enterprise infrastructure perspective, many organizations today are highly dependent on enterprise services, architectures, and platforms from industry giants such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco.

These same organizations are looking to adopt new technologies, implement cloud-based services, build custom applications, and introduce programs like Employee Choice and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The convergence of these traditional enterprise systems and new technologies are creating many challenges for IT teams. IT administrators now have to ask themselves, "How do I get this new technology to work with the stuff that I already have in-house?"

Mac acceptance in the enterprise grows
One example of a new technology that is converging with existing infrastructure is the adoption of Mac computers in the enterprise. Well, Mac OS X isn't exactly a new technology, but for many organizations, it's new to the enterprise.

For a long time Apple devices were not considered acceptable technologies for enterprise use, but advancements in Apple platforms and enterprise programs, such as the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), and FileVault 2—coupled with demand from Employee Choice programs— have driven Apple technologies into acceptance. In a growing number of cases, Apple has become the preferred platform for the enterprise. But the question remains, "How do I get these Apple devices to work with my existing Microsoft-heavy infrastructure in an economical and secure way?"

A solution awaits
Well, if you're asking these questions it's your lucky day, because we have answers for you. We have an entire organization of Apple device management experts and a comprehensive toolset that will help you integrate Apple technologies into your existing environment. Let's take a moment to review a few of these integration capabilities.

  1. Have more than a handful of Windows PCs and use Microsoft SCCM to manage them? Sweet. The Casper Suite has a plug-in that will allow you to share an inventory of Apple devices with SCCM for single pane of glass reporting and management. The Casper Suite is considered the SCCM for Mac. Using both SCCM and the Casper Suite gives you best-of-breed device management for both PC and Mac platforms, so you can experience the best of both worlds.
  2. Rely heavily on Active Directory? No problem. The Casper Suite will enable you to bind Mac to AD.
  3. Are you an Exchange shop? Perfect. The Casper Suite will enable you to automatically provision Exchange settings for mail and/or Outlook for Mac.
  4. Does your server team require Windows servers to run enterprise applications? No worries. Architecturally, the Casper Suite can run on anything from a Windows server to a Linux box to a Mac Mini. Built on a foundation of MySQL and Apache Tomcat, the JAMF Software Server can easily scale and integrate with existing infrastructure (or you can go with our cloud-based solution and we'll host it for you.)
  5. Drowning in certificates? We can help you out with that. The Casper Suite enables you to manage certs on your Apple devices with ease.
  6. Have an Enterprise Service Bus and interested in integrating enterprise technologies using web services? Good news. The Casper Suite comes with a REST API to integrate with any enterprise system that has the capability to integrate via an industry standard API.
  7. Leverage enterprise network identity services, like Cisco ISE? We've got you covered. The Casper Suite integrates with network services from Cisco and other vendors like Aerohive to enforce enrollment of Apple devices into management as they join your corporate network.

Have your cake and eat it too
So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to support Apple technologies or if Apple devices are already at your front doorstep and you are trying to figure out how to let them in, we are here for you. Managing Mac in a Windows world isn’t an either or, it’s an AND. Mac can be a first-class citizen in your environment, helping contribute to the success of your business without introducing friction, risk, or disruptive change. So go ahead, give the people what they want and rest easy knowing you can still support them.

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