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Mike Dodge, Ajay Chand, and Wes Whetstone talk about managing the unmanageable in Facebook's Hacker Culture at the 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

Managing the Unmanageable in a Hacker Culture

If you’ve spent some time in the JAMF Nation, you’ve certainly seen the carrot and a stick metaphor a few times when referring to Self Service. This method tends to work with 99% of an admin’s users, but what do you do if you’re trying to catch a mouse instead of a rabbit, and that mouse is wearing a spy suit adorned with a pocket protector?

In a culture dominated by a hacker mentality, the IT team at Facebook has had to come up with clever alternatives to achieve their goals. In a company whose mentality is “move fast and break things”, their users, dominated by engineers, have become accustomed to removing obstacles and friction, whatever they might be. And yes, that sometimes includes the Casper Suite.

Mike Dodge, Ajay Chand, and Wes Whetstone shared the tips and (mostly) tricks they’ve employed to keep their users in check. Letting employees help themselves, waiting a specified timeframe before they add a profile back onto a device, and monitoring and detection methods have all facilitated their efforts. The trio provided a few other ways in which they keep users on the hook, which we can’t share here unless you friend them on Facebook.

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