Managing Your Free-Range Devices

October 17 2013 by

Dusty Dorey and Rob Potvin discuss how to manage free-range OS X and iOS devices at the 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

No longer will people have to check their iOS and OS X devices at the office door. Thanks to presenters Dusty Dorey and Rob Potvin, we learned how to set up a basic environment that leverages a JAMF Software Server cluster with limited access from your network.

We saw how a DMZ can contain an organization’s external facing server and how to control it. We discovered how split DNS allowed for multiple servers to answer to the same DNS, and that clustering creates awareness between web apps.

The two made a great tag team. Dusty introduced the challenges, concepts, and processes of free-range devices, and Rob showed us the solutions.

Even if their American and Canadian pronunciation of DMZ was different, their enthusiasm knew no borders.

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