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Couple in hotel room are watching AppleTV managed by Jamf and Monscierge.
March 30, 2023 by Jake Mosey

Jamf Ventures invests in Monscierge, a leading hospitality and healthcare communications platform

Jamf Ventures invests in Monscierge, a leading communications platform for hospitality brands.

Jamf Ventures Investment Fund is proud to add Monscierge to our family of technology partners with an investment in this award-winning communications platform for hospitality brands.

As announced last November, we launched Jamf Ventures to help us partner with early-stage founders, entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe that focus on increasing security to further enhance the transformational power of Apple.

By focusing on early-stage companies that provide strategic value to our shared customers, Jamf Ventures strives to grow the Jamf and Apple ecosystem faster and more comprehensively than we can alone.

Learn more about Jamf Ventures.

Partnering to improve solutions: Hospitality TV

Monscierge is a global software company specializing in innovative hospitality solutions for properties, owners and brands. Deployed in over 45 countries and covering 26+ languages, their mission is to help partners create better relationships with their customers.

Monscierge provides an award-winning software as a service (SaaS) platform for hospitality brands to connect and communicate. This software platform: Connect, empowers organizations to deliver content across multiple digital touchpoints. Since 2009, Connect has powered many cloud-based hospitality technologies at once for a consistent, personalized experience for end users.

As partners, Jamf and Monscierge bring personalized and secure guest experiences to Apple TV.

Jamf first integrated with Monscierge in 2018 to help provide seamless and streamlined experiences for hotel guests, along with easy device setup and management for staff.

From ordering food via rich on-screen browsing, to interacting with concierge and hotel services, to enjoying a wide variety of live and on-demand entertainment, Jamf’s Apple TV Management solution combined with Monscierge’s Connect platform enables Apple TV to provide hotel guests with a central hub for the full gamut of their needs. Monscierge Connect also offers its locally-curated network of merchant recommendations, details of onsite hotel amenities, room service requests, menu ordering and other travel features.

Jamf and Monscierge’s partnership also streamlines processes and removes friction for hotel staff. Monscierge and Jamf integrate together to provide a secure enterprise solution and an almost zero-touch deployment through Jamf's mobile device management (MDM) workflow.

Beyond integration to investment: partnering for growth

Today Jamf’s Apple TV Management solution combines with Monscierge’s Connect platform to provide hotels and rentals with solutions to improve the guest experience, communication and accountability.

With the announcement of Jamf Ventures investment in Monscierge, Jamf is demonstrating our continued commitment to the growth and success of Monscierge and our partnership.

"We are excited about becoming a member of Jamf Ventures, as Jamf and Monscierge are directly aligned on creating great guest experiences,” said Marcus Robinson, CEO of Monscierge. "Jamf is an expert in Apple technology, management and security, and our partnership will help Monscierge continue to provide a seamless, secure, and the most innovative platform for hospitality and healthcare brands to connect and communicate.”

Improve your hospitality business experience

Learn more about the Jamf and Monscierge integration.

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