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John Miller talks about navigating a Bring Your Own iPhone Deployment at the 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

Navigating a Bring Your Own iPhone Deployment

The iPhones are coming, the iPhones are coming! Actually, they’ve been here for some time. Apple sold 4 million iPhones in the first three months of 2011, and within three days of the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, 9 million were not only in the hands of end users, but were also activated.

We know that users are excited about this device and they’re coming into our organizations in droves. John Miller shined the spotlight on the challenges of BYOD, and how we can be more effective and productive within our organizations.

He had us put ourselves in the user’s shoes, and take a look at what matters to them most. Think privacy—the ability to separate what’s personal and corporate, and easy access to what’s important. On the other hand, admin’s priorities are securing and protecting data, whether it’s access to data, data at rest, or data in transit.

John challenged us to bridge the gap between users and admins while adhering to policies and security standards. He shared the resources available with the Casper Suite which address the aforementioned challenges, and encouraged us to maintain and utilize transparency whenever possible.

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