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Novel Solutions with JAMF IT

Bryson Tyrrell walked the IT administrators in attendance through a series of solutions for common Apple IT problems. 

As Bryson Tyrrell, JAMF Software IT professional, puts it: IT administrators run into all kinds of unique challenges that sometimes require more than out-of-the-box features can offer and require some outside-of-the-box thinking. And JAMF Software IT is no exception.

That’s why he explained to a packed-house in the Dowling Studio at the Guthrie Theater how he and the JAMF Software IT team tackled several common issues that they and—judging from the reaction of the crowd—many of the admins on-hand faced. 

Among the problems and solutions that he walked the crowd through were:

  • Encrypted parameters
  • Syncing objects from LDAP
  • Self-serve enrollment profiles and inventory packages
  • Ordering iPhones through a form in Self Service

By demonstrating a variety of scripts, packages, and workflows, Tyrrell explained what he was trying to accomplish with each solution, the steps he took, and why he took that approach. 

All of the solutions discussed were recently published to https://github.com/jamfit

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