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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Objects to Objects, The Casper Suite API through Ruby

Objects to Objects, The Casper Suite API through Ruby

As Chris Lasell explained, Pixar has been customizing their use of the Casper Suite via its API since the API was introduced. Chris walked us through the core of those customizations, a Ruby Gem (code library) that greatly simplifies interactions with the JSS.

He talked about how the Ruby Gem extends the API by making Objects work together. Chris then discussed the workflow and covered installation, connecting to the API, listing Objects, retrieving Objects, updating Objects, and (cautiously) deleting Objects.

He walked us through example programs. One involved a command line tool for computer groups, another was one that reads a tab-delimited file of a subnet data to create, modify, or delete Network Segments as needed.

Chris has made the Ruby Gem open-sourced—much to the crowds delight—and encouraged every to use it themselves and improve upon it.

Following the presentation, hands shot up immediately with questions on how the Gem worked. A spirited Q&A session followed with Chris explaining his thoughts on the Gem. He ended by saying that if there are any further questions, he can be reached at

Watch the full video of this session now.