Put iOS 10 and macOS Sierra to work with Casper Suite 9.96

See how the latest Apple operating systems will help IT drive efficiency and deliver a better end user experience in business, education and healthcare.

September 7 2016 by

Jen Kaplan

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are coming soon, are you ready? If you upgrade to Casper Suite 9.96, the latest release from JAMF Software, you’ll be more than ready. When JAMF Software customers upgrade to the latest Apple operating systems, IT administrators can be confident their mobile device management (MDM) workflows will be uninterrupted (not to mention end users will be delighted to take advantage of new features the day they’re available!) Both iOS 10 and macOS Sierra include new configuration profiles, management commands, enrollment settings and more; all to drive efficiency and the best end user experience for businesses, schools, healthcare and other industries. Read on or watch the video for your guide to what’s new.

Configuration profiles
Configuration profiles are groups of settings and customizations that can be applied to a device or groups of devices. Configuration profile restrictions are also a critical element to creating an end user experience designed to foster maximum productivity. Use new iOS 10 configuration profiles and restrictions to:

  • Optimize your network bandwidth. Cisco customers can use the new fast lane Quality of Service (QOS) marketing feature in the iOS Wi-Fi configuration profile to prioritize network bandwidth for business critical apps such as Skype or Cisco Spark. This ensures non-critical bandwidth sucking apps (like our good friend Pokemon Go) don’t impact the performance of the apps that matter.
  • Offer better service and convenience for end users by defining a default calling app such as Skype with the new Communication Service Rules setting in the Exchange Active Sync, Google Account, LDAP and Contacts iOS configuration profiles. It’s the easiest way to standardize the use of cost-saving VoiP apps across an organization.
  • Avoid unexpected data usage with the ability to manage which apps can use cellular data and which apps can use roaming data with the new iOS network usage rules configuration profile.
  • Disable the ability for students to modify Bluetooth settings to ensure that Apple’s Classroom app for teachers has uninterrupted communication with student iPads.
  • Restrict the use of Mail Drop for large attachments within the Exchange and Email configuration profiles. The Allow Mail Drop restriction was added to both iOS and macOS Sierra configuration profiles. Speaking of macOS Sierra…

Use new macOS Sierra configuration profile enhancements and settings to improve security:

  • New options were added to the Sharing Services tab of the Restrictions payload. Now it’s easier than ever for security-minded organizations to manage data sharing through the use of Sharing to Notes, Sharing to Reminders, Sharing to LinkedIn, and more.
  • Organizations can also restrict the use of iCloud features in macOS Sierra like Apple Music, Cloud Keychain Sync, iCloud Back to My Mac, Allow iCloud Notes, and more.
  • Security teams now have the option to block all incoming connections or control incoming connections on a per app basis for improved security with the new Firewall settings options in the Security and Privacy configuration profiles. Organizations can also prevent users from unlocking their Macs with their Apple Watch proximity.

Management commands
Management commands are commands you send to a device or group of devices to take a specific action like lock, wipe or update software.

  • New software updates management commands make macOS software updates a breeze. macOS software updates can now be instantly downloaded or downloaded and then installed, making it easier than ever for end users to keep their software current and benefit from the latest version of macOS.
  • New iOS management commands were also added for "Diagnostic and Usage Reporting" and "App Analytics” to be enabled or disabled on Shared iOS devices. This is a great feature for schools and allows (or prevents) the submission of Shared iPad information to Apple and app developers.

New features for schools
JAMF Software has a few exciting new features for schools using iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. In addition to the ability to restrict the modification of Bluetooth settings for iPads, schools will be very excited about the new ability to automatically associate Managed Apple IDs with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Apple School Manager. This new, automated workflow eliminates the need for students to receive and accept VPP invitations — drastically streamlining the registration process.

Schools and other organizations will also be excited about new dynamic enrollment URLs for site enrollment with Apple Configurator. Say goodbye to static URLs! Dynamic URL enrollment strengthens both security and efficiency by dynamically generating a URL associated with a specific site to automate the enrollment process for schools, hospitals or other organizations that frequently wipe and re-enroll devices to different sites using Apple Configurator.

A more customized enrollment process
JAMF Software also supports additional ways to customize the enrollment process for Device Enrollment Program (DEP) devices with the ability to skip the Setup Assistant screens for Location Services, Touch ID, Apple Pay and Siri on macOS Sierra and the TrueTone display screen on iOS 10.

JAMF Software is excited to offer zero-day support for these new IOS 10 and macOS Sierra features, and this is just the beginning! Check out the Casper Suite 9.96 release notes for a complete listing of what’s new!

Ready to take advantage of these awesome updates?
The Casper Suite 9.96 release is already available to JAMF Software customers. Get your upgrade here. Cloud-hosted customers will be upgraded automatically.

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Contact us to learn how Casper Suite 9.96 can help you achieve your most important objectives. You can also start with a product demo to see what Casper Suite can do. Or speak directly with one of our product experts. You’re going to love it!

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