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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - See the Light (and benefits) of iBeacon

See the Light (and benefits) of iBeacon

This session detailed how Apple's iBeacon technology works and when you would want to use it.

Apple’s iBeacon technology provides unprecedented and unmatched precision for indoor location targeting. Version 9.5 of the Casper Suite announced support for iBeacons so IT Administrators can distribute or restrict applications, content, and/or settings based on a user’s proximity to an iBeacon. Brad Benson and John Miller showcased how to leverage iBeacons with the Casper Suite while preserving user’s privacy.

Brad explained how iBeacon is a proximity technology, not a location technology. He detailed, “the actual location is not supplied by iBeacons, instead you get relative location based on signal strength.” Brad also talked about privacy and considerations when deploying iBeacons. Since iBeacons don’t actually track devices and are not tied to a specific device, they maintain user privacy. Finally, Brad discussed how you need to consider your physical location when deploying.

John showed the crowd how to input iBeacons into the JSS and define the range of the beacon. He emphasized that iBeacons can work together to create a larger network map of your building. John showed the audience 3 specific use cases: AirPlay profiles to mirror to the nearest AppleTV, printer profiles so they can print to the nearest printer, and removing VPN profiles when users are on campus to save on their network traffic.

With iBeacon integration, the Casper Suite always puts the right technology in the right hands at the right time.

Watch the full video of this session now.

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