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Matt Schalk stands at a JNUC podium to explain how to upgrade to OS Mountain Lion using Jamf Pro.

[Session] Deployment Strategies for OS X Mountain Lion

To upgrade or not to upgrade. Kyle Appel and Matt Schalk tackled just that question in this session.

Why should you upgrade?

1 – There are new awesome features you can leverage such as FileVault 2, Gatekeeper, and Configuration Profiles.
2 – There are new hardware requirements and operating system standards we need to keep pace with
3 – Yearly release cycles
4 – End users want to upgrade!

"Upgrading is scary. What if something goes wrong?" It’s a fair question, and we had Apple Certified System Administrator Matt Schalk to walk us through three potential scenarios complete with the steps to successfully upgrade:

1 – Deploying a customer config of OS X on 10.8 Macs
2 – Reimaging Macs in your environment
3 – Upgrading enrolled Macs to OS X 10.8

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