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Michael Crispin discusses Duke University’s use of Jamf Pro at JNUC.
October 25, 2012 by

[Session] Dual-Boot Configurations with OS X and Windows

Michael Crispin, Senior Technologist for the Humanities at Duke University, walked us through the various steps required to prepare for, deploy, and maintain dual-boot configurations across labs that are separated by many miles (and even a forest in some cases) at Duke University. Michael pointed out how he was specifically able to overcome many of the technological and social considerations that need to be made when choosing to deploy a dual-boot environment with the help of Winclone, Boot Runner, and the Casper Suite.

For those not familiar, Winclone is a Mac application that allows users to easily clone and restore a Windows partition on a Mac. If you’d like to learn more about Winclone and its abilities, our friends at Twocanoes Software, Inc. have a ton of resources available:


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