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Robert Hammen walks JNUC attendees through Gatekeeper's features.

[Session] Gatekeeper: Securing the Enterprise One App at a Time

Audience members rallied to the Dowling Theater to learn more about this new thing-a-ma-jig called Gatekeeper that surfaced in OS X 10.8. Brad Becker, Professional Services Engineer, introduced Apple technology veteran Robert Hammen who took us on a deep dive of the new feature.

Gatekeeper is actually a technology that was retrofitted to a previous technology in version 10.7.5. This security feature, which ships by default with fairly restrictive settings limiting which applications can be installed, can be modified to fit the specific needs of the user or enterprise.

Robert went on to discuss the mechanics behind the tool, what error and warning messages you might receive and why, how to configure and (warning!) disable Gatekeeper.

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