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Andrew Seago a a JNUC podium describes how his organization has completely customized Jamf Pro's Self Service.
October 25, 2012 by Allen Houchins

[Session] Getting Hooked on Self Service

They were packed in like sardines in the Dowling Studio for the "Getting Hooked on Self Service" session. Andrew Seago started the session by sharing information about how his organization has completely customized Self Service, and in the process provided an experience that is not only pleasant for end users, but also helps IT to meet the needs of the business.

Describing Self Service as the IT department's "flagship product", he described how the tool is IT's main point of interaction with end users and the central hub of information for end users. In order to encourage end users to take advantage of Self Service (and at the same time ensure their tens of thousands of machines are managed), they employ a "carrot on a stick" method of making Self Service so useful and attractive that users are thrilled to use it. As they manage tens of thousands of end users, having an engaged populace that can instantly get what they need is crucial.

Ultimately, Andrew reflected on the absolute importance of enabling end users to help themselves when the alternative (waiting for IT to make time to help them) means they are literally pulled away from their primary mission of finding cures for deadly diseases. Self Service "just works" and that's the reason they've invested so much time and energy into helping end users help themselves.

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