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The intersection of Apple and Enterprise

[Keynote] The Intersection of Apple and Enterprise

Chip’s keynote was both inspirational and informative, but also very nostalgic. He took us back, 10 years back, to a neighborhood we grew up in – at the intersection of Apple and Enterprise.

“The purpose of what we’re doing is to help make the world a better place by bringing in technology that’s simple. We believe in taking a variety of complex things and distilling them down and making them very simple. We sit at the intersection of Apple and Enterprise. And this is a space where we think we can make our greatest contributions. It’s a space we’re comfortable in. This intersection, this space, is a placed we’ve lived and where we’re always going to live. Because we think it makes sense, and we can do great things here.”

Chip went on to explain the evolution of our product and progression of our business ethic. Since there weren’t tools available that worked the way he and Zach envisioned, they created their own. When they learned they would become first time vendors, and then later first-time employers, they dug deep, reflecting on the traits of vendors and employers they always wanted to buy from and work for.

Chip concluded, “And we have made mistakes along the way. We have been imperfect in our realization of what we’ve done. But at the heart of it, we’ve had the courage to listen to what the mistakes were and move to fix them. We’ve got another 10 years in front of us, and we are going to make mistakes. But we are going to stay in this neighborhood and look to provide solutions for you guys at the intersection of Apple and Enterprise."

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