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Steven Hurtado described his strategy of integrating the Casper Suite with the existing IT Service Management catalog - JAMF Nation User Conference 2013

The Whole Elephant: Staging Casper Suite Integration into ITSM

There’s a certain mindset conjured in the bias of many of those supported by an IT department. So much of what takes place in a large service model is also unseen and inevitably reactionary, and therefore typically underappreciated. The stigma ensues, and our friends in IT are yet again left as the unsung heros. But what if this didn’t matter? What if your IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy wasn’t a reactive one, but rather, afforded you the time to approach issues before they were problems?

Steven Hurtado, computer resources manager at Pomona College, has taken an interesting approach to ITSM, which he graciously shared with a group of admins on Wednesday. Using a “4-Box” method (amongst other tactics) developed by Franklin Covey to organize and prioritize tasks, Hurtado has been able to take his team’s reputation to the next level. By acting on the important (not reacting to the urgent) and scheduling the “big rocks” (instead of “sorting gravel”), they focus on the bigger picture and deliver a continuously improving level of service.

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