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July 22, 2015 by Daniel Weber

Top 5 trending Apple IT Discussions — July 2015

Check out five discussion posts that have JAMF Nation buzzing this month.  

In our new series, we highlight five trending JAMF Nation discussion posts each month, and allow you to pick and choose the ones that are relevant for you and your environment.

For those who don’t know, JAMF Nation is the world’s largest Apple IT community. It’s a free forum where admins of all skill levels can share ideas, workflows, and yes, even vent.

Here’s what’s been trending in July:

1. Unsticking a stalled MacBook boot
Ever have a MacBook stuck at 50% boot? Our top post will help you get past the pesky 50% mark. 

2. Firefox v39 connecting to the JSS
If you are having issues connecting the latest version of Firefox to the JAMF Software Server (JSS), check out this discussion for a successful workflow.

3. Removing iCloud accounts on iOS 8
If you’re ever in the situation where you need to remove “Find my iPad” or an iCloud account, this discussion post can help.

4. Improving SMB share performance
Get the latest insight on OS X SMB2 and SMB in Windows 2008R2 in our number four post of the month.

5.  OS X 10.10.4
Learn about 10.10.4 from your Apple IT colleagues and see how they are managing the update.

Didn’t see anything that tripped your trigger? No problem. Check out the other thousands of JAMF Nation posts that are waiting for you.

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