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Trust in technology accelerates BYOD acceptance

Trust in technology accelerates BYOD acceptance

Eliminate the haze and confusion of what’s personal and what’s private in today’s BYOD environments.

Apple has always created technologies for users. Apple's technology and philosophy have been designed to enable and enhance a beautiful user experience. No matter how much innovation and progress technology has introduced into our world, Apple has never lost sight of why and how it should be applied — to help ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Considering Apple's user-focused technology and philosophy, it is no surprise that they work hard to preserve user privacy. In that regard,Apple CEO Tim Cook recently issued a letter that outlines Apple's position on user privacy. Essentially, it states that Apple is here to make products for us, rather than to make products of us.

Illuminate the road to transparency

Apple realizes that in many cases, when it comes to privacy in the world of technology, the lines have blurred. Despite this, Apple intends to draw a clear line in the sand — when it comes to data that is personal, privacy is of utmost importance.

As Mr. Cook wrote, "At Apple, your trust means everything to us....We believe in telling you up front exactly what’s going to happen to your personal information and asking for your permission before you share it with us."

Meet user and enterprise needs

At JAMF Software, we are helping to uphold the same values. In the enterprise, we deal with two entities that require protection and privacy of data: the user and the enterprise itself. It takes the right kind ofmanagement solution to meet the needs of both. 

That's why we built the Casper Suite BYOD solution. The Casper Suite keeps enterprise data safe and private for the organization, while ensuring personal data is kept safe and private for the user. Our goal is to make sure that data is retained and controlled by its owner, while usage is kept fluid and free. This allows users to trust technology, which accelerates achievements without concern of theft or exploitation. 

Learn more about Apple’s position on privacy: http://www.apple.com/privacy.

And discover how the Casper Suite helps organizations protect enterprise and personal data: 


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