TUAW Covers Chip Pearson’s Keynote at MacIT

January 31 2013 by

A big shout out to our friends over at TUAW for their fantastic post, MacIT 2013 kicks off with admin overview, nostalgia, regarding Chip’s keynote session this morning at MacIT. We’ve included an excerpt below, but we implore you to read the entire article. They did a great job capturing the enthusiasm and sentiment in Chip’s delivery.

...Pearson recalled how Power Computing's appearance at Macworld Expo in 1996 included a parking lot bungee cord jump, reserved for people who bought one of their machines at the show. He also noted that a company representative had a fix for the confusing interleaved memory DIMM requirements of the time, where slots had to be populated in pairs: "We told Apple, instead of slots A1 and A2, B1 and B2 -- just make it R2 and D2, C3 and P0 and everyone will just get it!"...

To read more, head over to The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

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