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Andy Hakala and Gene Stanilevskiy from Hopkins Public Schools talk about wireless infrastructure planning - JAMF Nation User Conference 2013

Using 802.1x with the Casper Suite

We found out the Royals are not the only team making powerful wins in Hopkins Schools. Andy Hakala and Gene Stanilevskiy, technology services administrators in District 270, provided many teachable moments as they took us through their process in designing and deploying their 802.1x wireless network using Windows Radius and the Casper Suite.

They desired integration, simplicity, and extensibility, and that’s precisely what the Casper Suite delivered.

Problems? No problem. When certificates created a hiccup, they found a solution by using a wildcard certificate. They advised us to start small with the network policy server, before getting all “spicy.” Yes, that’s their word.

During the Q&A session, the JAMF Nation came to life. We saw it in action as one attendee shared a problem, and another offered a solution. As the mic moved around the room, we heard comments such as, “We ran into that, too”, “This is the workaround we found”, and “Here’s what we did in that instance.” Presenters and attendees both scored "A"s in this collaborative session.

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