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[Video] Does It Take A Ninja Or a Zen Monk to Manage Adobe Products?

Session - Does It Take a Ninja Or a Zen Monk to Manage Adobe Products?
Jody Rodgers, Product Manager
Recorded October 24, 2012

Adobe's products can be a challenge to deploy, manage, and integrate into high-stress production environments or the chaos of a classroom lab. Does it take a skilled ninja with a mastery of Adobe's alphabet soup (AAMEE, AUSST, APTEE, RUM, and xDA) and JAMF Software solutions to survive? Or does it take meditation on how you can become "one" with the optimal production workflow? Jody Rodgers, Senior Product Manager from Adobe, will be shaving heads or sharpening swords depending on your path.

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This video is part of a series of sessions presented at the 2012 JAMF Nation User Conference.

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